"Paying It Forward is an Act of Kindness in Children that Helps them Develop Moral Integrity"
- Deirdre Hanna

The Paradise Kids Angel Choir, Special Events and School Based Initiatives gives young people and individuals the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ by helping Paradise Kids to support children dealing with grief from trauma and loss within our local Gold Coast community. When kids feel they are effectively contributing to make a difference, they demonstrate a greater level of care and compassion towards others and develop a deeper resilience to overcome difficulties in their own lives. You can get involved by supporting our Angel Choir, attending our Special Events or collaborating with your peers to Take the Initiative.

Angel Choir

During the Christmas period our Angels delight many with their performances. If you are between the ages of  7 and 16, and would like to learn to sing …sign up for our Angel Choir.  Read More

Special Events

Throughout the year we will announce our special events here. There are no events currently scheduled. Check back soon!

Our Young Ambassador

Our Paradise Kids Young Ambassador, Luke Harrison, is on a mission to help ‘pay it forward’ to other children who need to be supported through big changes happening in their lives. Read More