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Paradise Kids Storybook Collection

The Paradise Kids Storybook Collection is designed to help children understand and deal with aspects of grief from various kinds of loss. Each story is written by PK founder, Deirdre Hanna. Our storybooks are designed to be a useful tool to help children relate to the deep emotional issues and the painful situations they are currently facing in the safeness of a storybook. The storybooks help children identify the causes of their feelings and provide gentle reassurance that they can; handle this change in their life, learn valuable life skills, be reassured of the ability to handle future challenges, become strong and resilient.

The Storybook Collection includes Storybooks, available for purchase and Storybook Videos, available to watch on-the-go for free. The Storybook Collection is an IMF Educational Project for Children kindly designed and produced by The Rev. Dr Ian Mavor Foundation for Paradise Kids.

Our Storybooks

Marmalade Clown is Back in Town

Marmalade Clown is Back in Town

In this story, Gabrielle Brown is having strong feelings over the many changes in her life. She is also grieving the death of her brother who died when he was six. Gabrielle is about to turn six and has a natural fear of dying at the same age as no explanations have been given because her parents have other stressors in their lives as well as the death of their son.
The Rainbow House Story Book, Paradise Kids Angel Appeal

The Rainbow House

In this story, a young girl is experiencing physical pain as a result of grief associated with her mothers death. Her father is worried about her until their family doctor makes an unusual suggestion that sees them both discover unspoken feelings which, in turn brings real comfort and healing.
Nobody's Home

Nobody’s Home

In this story, a young boy is not coping with the overwhelming and the ever-changing circumstances he finds himself in, due to his mother’s absence and being placed into several foster care settings. With a little help, he learns his safe place can be found by looking inward, for no matter where he goes …this will always be his true home.
Where's My Dad Storybook

Where’s My Dad?

In this story, a young boy is having strong feelings over the loss of his Dad through a sudden death. At first, he is confused as he does not fully understand what ‘DEAD’ really means. He struggles with his feelings while trying to help his Mother by being the ‘Good Boy’ and the ‘Big Boy’ that he thinks everyone is expecting him to be.

Our Storybook Videos

Forever Friends?

Forever Friends? is the story of a young girl who is faced with the hard choice between friendship and bullying!

Missing Ranger

Missing Ranger is a story of a child dealing with grief from the loss of his beloved pet after a severe weather event.